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Private Label Production

DITCO Food supports your company in contract manufacturing;

  • We are expert producers of a wide range of different products as; gourmet sauces, infused olive oils, vegan snacks and bars.
  • Determine your demanded products or consult our company,
  • Contact us for the details of your Private Label inquiries,
  • Specify the packaging that suits you the best from our wide selection,
  • Send us your corporate identity and the details to add,
  • Sit back and relax!
  • Please check the full product list here.

This option is available for orders with a minimum of 1 pallet.


DITCO Food is committed to providing safe, pure and wholesome products that meet the high expectations of our customers. We work hand in hand with our suppliers to vertically integrate production from farm to fork.
  • Our suppliers work with local growers.
  • Products are grown in the most environmentally friendly and consumer-safe manner possible.
  • All products are treated in plants with BRC “A” Rating, GFSI, HACCP, and third party audit certifications.

Referance Private Labels


Premium Olive Oils and Gourmet Sauces

Essential Spices

Essential Oils and olive oil based brands.

Le Dragon



Wild Mushroom and Mushroom pre mixes


Essential Oils


Our Capacity is Your Competitive Edge
Food manufacturers outsource their secondary packaging requirements to DITCO Food to gain important competitive advantage and operational efficiencies. Take advantage of our sizable capacity and exceptional equipment options to fulfill projects of any scope – without taking on extra staff and equipment yourself. We can pack, repack, or re-bag items into almost any sizes and types of containers: bags, drums, totes and boxes for industrial applications; a wide range of bottles, boxes and bags for food service applications; and sample/kit sizes in jars, bottles or bags.

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