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Ditco Food is an international trade company bringing cultures and cuisines together for over 17 years. As a producer company based in Izmir, Ditco Food provides wholesale services to its customers around the world with numbers of local products in several categories. Our wide selection of high-quality products has been helping us to take firm steps towards a higher rank in the global food market. We track the changing trends in culinary art, the innovative perceptions of different cuisines and shape our product catalogue according to the demands of the changing world. In addition to the headquarters in Izmir, Turkey, Ditco Food also administers 2 more bases in Germany and the USA.

Ditco Food, with its two sub-brands; PinoRoble and b&d NATURALS, produces and supplies food products in 6 categories; nuts & seeds, dried fruits, fine food, herbs, ingredients, and essential oils. Besides owning 9 international certificates in occupational health and safety, food safety and quality management, GHP and OHSAS, we are proud to have energy and environmental management certificates as an eco-conscious and eco-friendly company. In a world where mass production has taken possession of the global food market, we believe that each product we produce must be controlled according to the international food health regulations. As Ditco Food, there is one more subject we are sensitive about, people with food restrictions. That is why we added Halal and Kosher certificates to the structure of the company and regulated our production infrastructure as it should be.

Placing quality and trust before anything else has always been our mission to create a web of pleased customers and long lasting relationships. As our motto clearly mentions, we are here to be your food warehouse.


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